DISSS is our goal

Building Bridges

We organise, facilitate, and manage successful innovative solutions in the public, private, and cyber security domain. For example, we have collaborated with government agencies to establish secure communication channels and develop advanced encryption technology to protect sensitive information.

Building Communities

We connect and create support among stakeholders by networking and collaborating according to the multiple-helix principle. Together, we can make a difference in creating a safer society. For instance, we have brought together local law enforcement agencies, community leaders, and technology experts to develop comprehensive crime prevention strategies tailored to specific neighbourhoods.

Building Knowledge

We establish a high-quality knowledge centre within the DISSS Foundation for open technology, social innovations, and security. By staying at the forefront of knowledge, we can address security issues effectively. Our team of experts conducts extensive research on emerging threats such as cybercrime and develops new methodologies to combat them.

Building Innovations

We initiate and conduct scientific research within the field of technological and social innovations for security issues. Our aim is to develop and test new solutions that enhance safety and security. For example, we have developed cutting-edge surveillance systems that integrate artificial intelligence to detect and prevent criminal activities in public spaces.

Building Resilience

We focus on developing and testing new technological and social innovations within the field of safety and security. By combining knowledge from various scientific domains, we can create robust and resilient solutions. Our team has worked on projects involving disaster preparedness, developing early warning systems and evacuation plans to protect communities in the face of manmade threats.

Building Solutions

We initiate business development and management organisations for innovations co-developed by the foundation. By supporting the implementation of innovative solutions, we contribute to a safer society. For instance, we have partnered with startups and technology companies to bring groundbreaking security solutions to market, helping businesses and individuals protect their assets and data.