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Current projects


Maritime trafficking, illicit trade, law enforcement, racketeering, modus operandi, modus via

The MARIT-D project, a collaboration between Dutch, Belgian, French, Portuguese and Spanish authorities, has developed an intelligence-led, data-driven approach to tackle maritime trafficking. The project's findings, including a refined detection tool, will be shared across EU Member States via EUROPOL's Innovation Lab, facilitating further cross-border collaboration.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Mobility, safety, behavioral analysis

Our research focuses on the influence of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) on the behaviour of road users and the preparation of the Netherlands for this technology. We involve stakeholders, evaluate risks, investigate the impact on the traffic picture, and consider necessary legislative changes to maintain traffic safety.

Innovatielandschap Oost-Brabant

Quantum, Robotica, Automotive, Innovation

This project provides a comprehensive analysis of the high-tech industry and innovative companies in East Brabant, Netherlands. It emphasizes on key sectors including robotics, quantum technology, and automotive, and examines their significance to law enforcement and various other industries.


Maritime trafficking, illicit trade, modus operandi

The MARIT-NL project, a collaboration between multiple organisations in the Netherlands, has developed an intelligence-led, data-driven approach to tackle maritime trafficking. This tool will be further developed, tested and piloted in the Dutch innovation environment. DISSS is aiding with funding opportunities, communication and dissemination and the realisation of a scientific network related to maritime trafficking.

Maatschappelijke Onrust

Maatschappelijke onrust, radicalisering, samenwerking

Het in toenemende mate versmelten van de fysieke- en digitale sociale werelden van burgers en groeperingen in Nederland, kan leiden tot een vergroting van maatschappelijke onrust, mogelijk uitmondend in ernstige maatschappelijke verstoringen. Samen met DSP-Groep en het Verwey-Jonker Instituut heeft DISSS een verkennend onderzoek uitgevoerd naar de verweving van deze twee werelden en het huidige beeld rondom maatschappelijke (digitale) onrust.

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